Untranslatable? (ABC-poem by James Krüss)

February 8, 2007

Zanthens Yacht Xanthippe
war völlig unberechenbar,
trieb stets regelwidrig quer,
prosperierte oft nicht mehr,
landete kreuz-jammerbar
im Haitihafen gar,
fuhr entgegenkreuzend dann
Cubas Blumenküste an.

[By J Krüss, via !anaj ,em s’taht.]

Untranslatable, surely, but imitable. Some day.

For Moominissa.


2 Responses to “Untranslatable? (ABC-poem by James Krüss)”

  1. anaj said

    Transcreatable, I suppose. I’m curious to see your version of this poem :-)

  2. anaj said

    Hi there, maybe you’d like to suggest a translation for Ernst Herbeck’s poem: http://anaj.wordpress.com/2007/02/12/poeta-schizophrenia-ernst-herbeck/
    I’ve tried one, but am of course no translator

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