Dichters Land

November 30, 2009

Wer den Dichter will verstehen
Muss in Dichters Lande gehen.


If the poet you’d understand
Go you must in the poet’s land.

I read that these lines are frequently cited by guidebooks and corporations for the promotion of tourism in places where literary tourism is popular.  For myself, I had always read it as in injunction to try one’s hand at artistic production.


Zanthens Yacht Xanthippe
war völlig unberechenbar,
trieb stets regelwidrig quer,
prosperierte oft nicht mehr,
landete kreuz-jammerbar
im Haitihafen gar,
fuhr entgegenkreuzend dann
Cubas Blumenküste an.

[By J Krüss, via !anaj ,em s’taht.]

Untranslatable, surely, but imitable. Some day.

For Moominissa.